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Physical Science AS

What you'll do:
The Earth Sciences at Parkland College explore the dynamic processes that shape planet Earth and its atmosphere. Students have the opportunity to engage in interactive courses through hands-on activities and field trips in an on-campus or online environment. Our two popular courses, Introduction to Weather (ESC101) and Introduction to Physical Geology (ESC102) satisfy the general education core requirement for physical science and provide a solid introductory foundation for those considering a science major. ESC101 and ESC102 are lab-based courses that meet IAI general education transfer requirements for physical science. We invite you to choose the Earth Science course that piques your interest!
  • People love to talk about the weather, but few understand the ever-changing processes that control our weather here in the Midwest and abroad. If you’re interested in learning more about earth’s atmosphere and the atmospheric conditions that create our weather, then Introduction to Weather (ESC101) is for you. Highlights of lab activities include interpretation of weather data and maps, gathering and interpreting current weather data with hand-held data loggers, and a trip to the Illinois State Water Survey to learn about weather instruments and historical weather events in Illinois. The course also examines severe weather events, the impacts of these events on individuals and society, and safety precautions.

  • Imagine traveling to your favorite vacation spot with the knowledge and skills to interpret the geologic history of the surrounding landscape! If you’re interested in exploring the fascinating, dynamic processes that have shaped our earth since its formation, then Introduction to Physical Geology (ESC102) is for you. Highlights of lab activities include a trip to a local stream to examine stream processes, gathering and interpreting stream velocity and water quality data with hand-held data loggers, identification of minerals, rocks, and fossils, and interpretation of real-world earthquake data. The course also examines geologic hazards associated with volcanoes, landslides, earthquakes, etc., the impacts of these events on individuals and society, and safety precautions. An optional field trip is offered each semester to enhance classroom learning.

  • Field Geology (ESC220) is offered during select summers to examine the geological diversity of the state of Illinois

Where you'll go:
Exciting and fulfilling careers await those who major in the Earth Sciences. Students interested in the atmosphere sciences can choose from specialties within the disciplines of meteorology and climatology. A few examples include agricultural meteorology, forecasting for a governmental agency or private company, or climatological research. Students interested in the geological sciences can look forward to exciting careers in a wide-variety of disciplines related to geology and the environment. A few examples include seismology, oil and gas exploration, hydrogeology, or environmental geology.

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