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Inclement Weather Procedures

The following information is disseminated annually to familiarize employees with the procedures that will be used if inclement weather occurs.

The basic philosophy of the College is to keep the campus open if at all possible during inclement weather. Closing the College is always a difficult decision to make in view of the large geographical area which is served by Parkland. We also know that timing is important during the day AND evening, as students and/or faculty and staff may already be in route to the campus at the time the decision is made. The decision to close does include classes offered by Parkland at area learning centers throughout the District.

The conditions both on campus and in surrounding areas are monitored very closely during inclement winter weather. If it becomes necessary to close the campus during the day and/or evening when classes are in session, an announcement will be made over the public address system, to local radio/tv and on our website by 3:00 p.m. If weather conditions deteriorate over night, a decision is made by 5:00 a.m. Monday through Saturday.

Radio and television stations are contacted always if the campus is closed due to weather conditions. The media will accept closings only; consequently, if you do not hear Parkland mentioned, then the College is open. The Switchboard on campus and the college’s radio station WPCD (88.7 FM) are kept apprised of announcements, as well as Parkland’s website. In addition, the following stations are contacted if the College closes:

  Radio Stations Frequency on Dial Location
Row 1 WDWS / WHMS 1400 AM / 97.5 FM Champaign
Row 2 WLRW / WIXY 94.5 FM / 100.3 FM Champaign
Row 3 WBCP 1580 AM Champaign
 WPCD88.7 AM
Row 14 WILL 90.9 FM / 580 AM Urbana

  Television Stations
Row 1 WAND
Row 3 WCIA
Row 4 WICD

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